Picking up the pen in 2004, lyricist Ghrimm, cut his teeth during a time where bars were a must to be a rapper. Think about the lyricists who were at the top of the game, from Eminem to TI, to call yourself a rapper, you had to actually rap. And so the drive to always be better than his last verse was forged. A military brat, Ghrimm calls both Carson, California and Hardeeville, South Carolina home - and it shows in his sound.

With the swag of a kid from the Streets of LA and the drawl of a southern gentleman creeping out every few words, one thing is certain, when you hear that voice, it’s undeniably Ghrimm! Priding himself on delivering what he so affectionately calls “grown man raps,” Ghreezy’s music is definitely for the mature ear. Ghrimm took two years off from releasing music after dropping Hu.M.A.N.E. in 2014.

Upon returning to the scene with his Freestyle series, #HappyHOURBarz in 2016, Ghrimm put the game on notice he’s here to claim the top spot. Now gearing up to release his new album, “Cup Runneth Over,” Ghrimm is primed to do just that. This emcee is eager to show the world that “everybody does this, but everybody can’t do THIS.”


#HappyHOURBarz Vol 61 On & On

#HappyHOURBarz Vol 59 Up There

#HappyHOURBarz Vol 60 Lady

#HappyHOURBarz Vol 58 Gyalchester