Justin J- Go Goins is a Los Angeles born and raised unsigned hype whose name isn’t yelled enough through the streets!

J-Go is making a vigorous statement that the majority of mainstream Hip Hop artists are afraid to make: Just because you come from a violent neighborhood doesn’t mean you have to continue the cycle of criminal activity in your actions and lyrics. Without a doubt, while most mainstream rappers feel they must rely on the imagery of guns, jewelry, cars and women to further their careers, J-Go has indeed set himself apart by choosing not to glorify violence and criminal behavior just to be able to identify with his generation. Rather, the intrepid young MC chooses to flow simply for the love of Hip Hop.

While most have thought that J-Go has been silent he has been everything but that. With Several appearances on his fellow Pham members album Legends of The Weekend 2 J continues to prove he can go bar for bar with the best. While taking time to perfect his craft and become more familiar with the business side of things J has since launched he own merch line with crew-neck sweatshirts and tee shirts that will be available on ThePhamEnt.com.

Now that J-Go is back in the studio working on his 3rd segment of The Mr. Goins Collection. He will be releasing several singles along with visuals to keep his fans alert while he completes what he is calling his best body of work yet!!


The Rat Race