Justin J-Go Goins returns with his new single Rat Race from his upcoming album Mr Goins III. While it seems that J-Go has been quiet, he has been taking the time to perfect his craft and creating new music for his fans. J-Go is happy to bring you his new single Rat Race as it is the realization of the struggle and obstacles J-Go has experienced in the current music industry. This single highlights the pain and the glory that J-Go has endured while chasing his dream as an artist.


Rat Race is another smooth joint that you can turn on and just ride to.  J-Go displays his lyrical ability while he takes you on a trip explaining his trials and tribulations on his way to the top. Rat Race will have a video that will be released in late May giving you the visual of the hard work and dedication and what happens when the Rat Race pays off.

Kierston Allen