Pluto J.O.

Pluto J.O.



Grew up in Carson, California bka “Del Amo”. A city that is defined by it’s “swag” Pluto fell into what defined the city itself and also the street life. With these two different ways of life both of them have molded him to be a pretty well rounded artist. Pluto’s motivation to start pursuing music comes from growing up and not having a outlet for his anger & frustrations in life. One day his friends decided to record a song on his computer at home and things took off from there for Pluto. Having the opportunity to get his frustrations off with music was therapeutic but also fun for Pluto. While having a niche with story telling you can hear Pluto’s charismatic personality ooze all over records. After being apart of many all star studded indie labels Pluto has found a home at The Pham Entertainment. 

With two album releases of a series him and his label mate have called Lot W (Legends Of The Weekend) Pluto has found his sound. With a mixture of Charisma along with lyrics and his style to deliver Pluto is destined for greatness.


Coming soon...